Night of September 15th and 16th 2012 Observing

     I got an email from Dennis at Dobstuff.  He is going to work on a kit for a scope and then my rebuild of the 14 is next! Exciting! Looks to be on schedule for I hope late October, or at best before new moon in November.  I'll be doing a full review here and actually am going to film putting the scope together and using it as a YouTube video.  It is very exciting to me and I am very excited about the new design.  

On the evening of September 15th, I managed to get out to a location I have out west of FR006 Site 1.  I was by myself this night and enjoyed the tranquility of the evening and solitary nature of observing.  It was a good night stable air of which we haven't had much and the smoke had significantly lessoned.  Seeing this night was Antoniadi I to II depending on the time.  I have not touched up my stars on the open cluster sketches, these are as raw as they can be.  I need to get some practice time in on rounding my stars with a white gel ink pen though.  Sorry it has taken me so long to post, but I have been swamped with teaching, school and I currently have influenza so I am recovering from that.  

M27 the Dumbbell Nebula practice sketch from my Wolf Creek Observation.

M27 the Dumbbell Nebula based on my Wolf Creek Observation.

NGC 6826 Planetary Nebula in Cygnus, the Blinking Planetary.  XT10, 9/13/12; 10:58pm MDT; 7mm Pentax XW; FR 006 Site 1; Viewed at 196x with an Orion Ultrablock filter.  This is a bright planetary near 16 Cygni.  The fliers were evident with averted vision. Outer shell was dim, with a bright inner region.

NGC 6520 & Barnard 86 in Sagittarius; 9/15/2012; 10:10pm MDT; near Vernon; Antoniadi I; 14mm Pentax XW; 20mm ES 68 degree;  Type 1 Paracorr; Stunning open cluster with dark nebula B86 next to it.  About 70 plus stars in the FOV.  Dark nebula is wrapping around the open cluster. Great view.

NGC 6568 Open Cluster in Sagittarius; 9/15/2012; 10:45pm MDT; XT10, 10mm & 14mm Pentax XW; 20mm ES 68 degree with Type I Paracorr; Antoniadi I;   A nice S forming open cluster of 70 plus stars.  Central area doesn't have a lot of stars.  Most stars estimated in the 12th to 13th magnitude range.

NGC 6629 Planetary Nebula in Sagittarius;  9/15/2012; 11:05pm MDT; Antoniadi I; XT10, 5mm, 7mm & 10mm Pentax XW, Type I Paracorr;  Central star visible here at 240x, in this faint planetary that is rather small in size.  Very high surface brightness and round with a crisp edge.

NGC 6755 Open Cluster in Aquila; 9/16/2012; 01:05am MDT;  XT10, 30mm ES 82 degree and 20mm ES 68 degree; Antoniadi II;  Conditions are deteriorating slightly.  About 28 or more stars from around mag. 11.5 or slight fainter.  Bright knot of stars are just east of the center. This was a fun open cluster to observe.

NGC 6760 Globular Cluster in Aquila; 9/16/2012; 01:55a.m. Antonidia II with XT10, 5mm Pentax XW;  near Vernon Utah;  Somewhat bright globular cluster about 6 degrees NNE of Aquilae.  Some stars, 15 to 20 were resolved but not many.  Pretty round globular brighter inner core region.

NGC 6907 Barred Spiral Galaxy in Copernicus; May 15th, 2012; 09:35pm MDT; Mag. 11.9; Antoniadi I; Vernon West; XT10, 7mm Pentax XW; Favorite sketch and object of the night. Averted vision showed the outer arms but no hint of NGC 6908.  Galaxy has a bright inner core and evident bar that is east to west.  Spiral structure evident as in the sketch.

Palomar 11, Globular Cluster in Aquila;  9/16/2012; Antoniadi II; XT10, 7mm Pentax XW; Vernon near, Antoniadi II; Faint globular cluster, no real brightening near the core. The globular is diffused with no stars resolved.  Nice challenge object but don't expect too much if you look at this one.

NGC 6583 Open Cluster in Sagittarius;  near Vernon, Utah; 9/15/2012; 10:40pm MDT; Antoniadi I; XT10 27mm Panoptic and 30mm ES 82 degree;  About 30 plus stars resolved in mag. 13 to 15, many more evident.  Elongated NNW to SSW and stars extend to the west.  Nice.

NGC 7332 and NGC 7339 Edge on Galaxies in Andromeda (I believe); near Vernon Utah; 9/15/2012; Antoniadi I; 11:35PM MDT; XT10, 7mm & 10mm Pentax XW;  NGC 7339 lays east to west and has some mottling evident, with some brighter areas near the core and a stellar core. NGC 7332 has a box like core region and is very bright with a stellar nucleus.  The arms extend farther out on NGC 7332 (it is on the right in the sketch above).  This is a revisit of this pair and part of the Herschel 400.

NGC 6709 Open Cluster in Aquila;  9/16/2012; 12:10am MDT; Antoniadi I to II; near Vernon Utah; XT10, 30mm ES 82 degree & 20mm ES 68 degree;  Well over 100 stars are evident in this open cluster with ranges of mag 10 to 13.  The open cluster appears as a slanted triangle and on the east side is a nice double at mag. 10.  Nice.

NGC 6781 Planetary Nebula in Aquila. v Mag 11.4; 9/16/2012; 12:40a.m.; near Vernon, Utah; Antoniadi I to II; XT10 7mm & 5mm Pentax XW;  There is a 13.5 mag star on the NE edge.  The rim of this planetary is brighter than the inner core region.  Roundish in shape, there is a hint of irregularity on the southern edge which is also brighter and gives the PN a crescent shape appearance on the rim.