Well, here it is new moon and I apologize but I have nothing to post about! Well, that's not true but I haven't been observing since November 10th at a dark site. I fear the curse of a new telescope, new eyepieces, new collimation equipment, new land for observing, setting up that land and so much more has meant that I am not having an inch of clear skies.  What is interesting is in reality here in northern Utah we are technically in a drought. We've had two major snow storms but not enough snow to fill the reservoirs for next summer.  However, what has failed to fall as H20 has stayed up as condensation in the forms of clouds.  Plenty of clouds during the new moon period.  I did make a recent purchase, just to test it out and see how it works. It is a 2 inch OIII filter.  I need it for the 2 inch 30mm ES 82 degree and my 27mm Panoptic which is 2 inches.   As soon as I can use it, I would guess next spring, I'll report back on the new OIII filter.  In the news I have been walking a lot lately and starting to do some hiking and I have taken up an new interest, birding. Birds are always around and its fun to identify them via sight, sound and other means.  So no, this blog will remain about my observations and equipment, but I am enjoying birding. At least the weather doesn't stop that hobby! Here's hoping you find clear skies where you are and I'll start posting here now that my semester is over.