Observing Objects for September and Fall

Okay, fall is coming just around the corner (September) and is my favorite season and is usually pretty decent here in Utah to do some really good observing. So I thought I would put together some objects that are decent for fall objects and are some of my favorites. These are not very hard objects and they are good for astrophotography or for visual observations. Some can be viewed in late August near new moon if one is up at the right time.

1. NGC 1491 an Emission Nebula in Perseus. RA: 004h 03m 13.5s Dec. +58 18' 58" Here is a link to the NGC/IC Data base on this item. An OIII fitler seems to help on this object. For the link, mouse over link and you can click on it.

Here is an image taken of NGC 1491 which can be found at this link:

Here is a finder chart from Starry Night Pro to help locate it. Click on it to make it larger.

2. NGC 1023 Barred Spiral Galaxy in Perseus. RA 2h 40m 23.9s Dec. +39 03' 38"
Here is the link to the data found in the NGC/IC Database.

Here is my sketch of this object on September 5th, 2010:

Here is an image (this is part of a cluster of galaxies and with a wide field there is a nice spiral to the east). Here is the link to this image and a link on some more info on this galaxy. The stars in the disk of the galaxy are moving at 1.3 million miles per hour, according to the Hubble Spectra and even at that speed they cannot escape the power of the central massive black hole found at the center of this galaxy.

Here is a finder chart for NGC 1023 from Starry Night Pro:

3. NGC 891 Edge on Spiral Galaxy located in Andromeda. RA 2h 22m 33.5s Dec +41 22' 03" Visual Mag. 10.0 This is a wonderful edge on galaxy and is often overlooked because of the Messier 31 galaxy nearby. Here is an image:

Here is the finder chart:

4. NGC 7293 The Helix Nebula (Planetary Nebula) RA 22h 29m 06s Dec -20 50' 13.2" in Aquarius. This is a wonderful object and it is best seen in a wide field eyepiece. I use my 27mm Panoptic but I've also used a 32mm Orion Q70. An OIII filter helps again on this object. Here is a link to the NGC/IC Database for this wonderful PN.

Here is an image and I selected this image because I think it comes close to how it looks visually.The link to the site the houses the image is here.

Here is the late Scott Mellish's Helix Nebula, the one that depicts it the best for me. Here is the link to the ASOD where the sketch is found.

Here is the finder chart for the Helix.

5. NGC 7331 in Pegasus a spiral galaxy. RA 22h 37m 4.5s Dec +34 25' 01" Wonderful galaxy and then it has some really nice tiny ones nearby if you want to see how deep you can go with your scope. Here is the NGC/IC database link. Don't forget Stephen's Quintant which is nearby also as show in this great APOD image.

Here is an image which is found at this link.

Here is my sketch of this object from September 11th to 12th, 2010.

The finder chart:

6. NGC 7479 Spiral Galaxy in Pegasus and by far my favorite. RA 23h 4m 56.4s Dec +12 19' 00"
Here is the link to the NGC/IC database on this object.

An image of this wonderful barred spiral galaxy:

Here is my digital enhanced sketch of NGC7479:

And a sketch using the Mellish technique:

The finder chart for this galaxy.

That's enough for today. I hope that you can find some worthwhile non-Messier objects here to go after come fall. I did want to share this link in closing though as it shows some of the wonderful galaxies awaiting either imaging or viewing in the constellation of Pegasus. Good huntin!