Mike Clement: Mr. Seventy (his 70 inch Reflector is fully operational).

I feel like I am sharing the news about the completion of the Death Star, but Mike Clements, Mr. Seventy has his 70 inch reflector up and fully operational!

This last weekend we had a blast at the Utah Star Party but that will be for another post. Mike Clements came out on Saturday and invited us to come out on Sunday night to view through his functioning 70inch Reflector that is out on Steve Dodd's property (of Nova Optical).  Well Sunday came and after returning home, that afternoon I got very sick and could not go out. My friend Mat took his family out there and he told me that the view of M31 and M17 were mind blowing, incredible and just WOW!  I am hoping to get out a take a look myself and take some pictures. Mike said that the bottom carriage is a green color now that he painted it.  I can't wait to see this but yes, Mike Clement is now known as Mr. Seventy.  It is a fully visual scope wow!