Utah Star Party August, 2014

Well, I made a decision without consulting with anyone. I moved the Utah Star Party this year to Thursday, September 25th through September 28th .  I will not be able to be out at the site on Thursday, September 25th and will drive out the afternoon of Friday, September 26th and observe Friday evening, Saturday evening and perhaps Sunday evening.  Others may come out on Thursday and set up their camp and observe that night and everyone is welcome to leave when they want. The sole purpose of this experience is for amateurs to gather, enjoy each others company, observe and then share what they want to.  This last year we had a wonderful experience and hope to repeat that.

So why the move from October to September? First, I had thought of July but the new moon weekend falls on the weekend of July 24th, and July 24th is a large holiday here in Utah, and the sites will be full.  I opted not for October after last years experience of freezing at night.  August can be monsoon so we agreed to bypass August, and because in September you have longer nights, both summer and fall objects are up, and if your up late enough, winter objects, can we say hello to Orion?

Here are some photos of the area.  The car and the telescope have been replaced . . .

Looking South: 

A small tent under a Juniper Tree . . . 

Looking from the tent to the observing area. 

Looking north to northeast. 

Looking west (zoom on the camera). 

Looking south-southeast

Looking south to southeast

Looking east. 

Looking south

Well, that's the site.  No registration. I have updated the website to Utah Star Party 2014 and that is at this link.  For some information if your interested.

1. No toilets at the site. Your on your own kinda of. I will have a portable toilet with a bad under it and you are responsible for bagging, zipping and getting rid of any poop you put into a bag.  Here is a view of the portable toilet I have: Link. IF you want to use my toilet that is fine but you will need to bring a bag which is at this link to know what to bring. You have to dispose of the waste and don't bury it at the observing site.

2. Forest Service Toilets and trash are available at the Vernon Reservoir 4 miles to the east.  Quick drive and the toilets there are actually really good. I've used them.  They also have some great camping sites at the reservoir and you can set up your equipment on the field and we can watch it (I leave my equipment set up and covered) and then drive away when your done (have your car ready to pull out where the lights don't impact us) and go to your RV at the reservoir. We also had two RV's at the ite last year and that worked fine for us.

3. Bring your own water/drink and food.  What you bring in, you need to pack out.  I'll have some extra large black garbage bags but feel free to bring your own and haul them out when your done.

4.  We are not light freaks but some etiquette is expected.  Let the site know if your leaving early, park your car so the lights are pointing west toward an exit. Use a red light like me to sketch? Don't set up near me if you don't like that and I won't bring to your observing area if your observing and not using lights. Just live the golden rule please.

5.  Quiet on the field til 10:00 a.m. each day.  It's okay to talk etc, just be quiet and perhaps use a whisper level voice and be away from sleeping tents.

6. No tents on the observing field please.  Set up on the edges of the field.

So that's about it.  If you want to discuss this event, please go to this link over at astronomyinutah. I know I am a little more open there. I really hope to see a good turn out, to see old friends and make some new ones also!