XX14i Stiction

Well, I have received a couple of inquiries about stiction on the azmuith motion, so before I applied any mods to the 14, I had my 17 year old daughter Kendra who is all of 5' 1" in height and weights about 112 soaking wet, to come in and move the scope. Kendra so you know is highly intelligent (would make one heck of an engineer) and stated after I made the movie that the movement is easy and "Why dd you ask about the difference in altitude vs azmuith? Altitude here should be easier because there is less weight to move up and down while azmuith is harder because the lower tube has more weight on it and the base is holding all the weight on it." It was one of those duh dad moments as I call them.

Here's the video and my daughter wants you to realize that she is on summer vacation and is relaxing. No she does not have cancer, she has short hair (she likes it that way) and does this when her hair isn't washed. Yes, she'll do observing with me; yes, I don't mention her a lot because of a parental fear of the internet, and our observing sessions more often turn into me sitting back listening to her talk about all kinds of stuff and then looking at what she has found. To be honest, they are my favorite sessions not because of what I have seen, but because I just get to enjoy her for who she is. That is a lesson my father passed on to me and I know I have successful passed to each of my children. For me, it is the relationships in life that are the most critical, regardless if it is son or daughter to father or mother, friend to friend etc. Her favorite objects of Messier 45 and Messier 42 as Orion is her favorite constellation. Perhaps I should put my sixteen and seventeen on here a little more. Oh, yes, I am a proud father.