Track Santa at NORAD Incredible Jupiter Images by Damian Peach

Well, its cloudy still and its Christmas Eve so last minute preps are going on. I'm in the process of making Gluten Free Fudge (no different than regular fudge really) but thought I would post the link for tracking Santa at NORAD. If you go to the Santa link by Iraq, Santa visits the International Space Station with an astronaut's helmet on. Good of NASA to supply it but I wonder, don't reindeer require oxygen also so where are their helmets? In reality, it is a nice touch to mention the ISS in tracking Santa around the globe. Happy Holidays.

Edit: These came out over a Bad Astronomy and I wanted to get a link over to Damian Peach's images he took of Jupiter which is located at this link.

What I think is just incredible is the amount of detail in his images and in his movies that he put together. Look at Io, Ganymede and the moons and the details you can see on them. I have to admit, I have seen people sketch that detail and though I have had incredible views of Jupiter in my XX14i and 20" Obsession, I haven't seen details on the Galilean moons. I chalk that up to lack of experience and effort. That detail is highly evident in Mr. Peach's photos (see this photo) and I invite you to head over there and check out Jupiter and the Galilean moons that he captured. I haven't posted as I do not have his permission to post them up on the blog.

Two months have past and I have had only 2 sessions. This is what spring is like and it has me worried that 2011 may be a bust in terms of observing. However, I know that for every period of very wet and cloudy conditions, come periods of dry and clear because the weather pattern in the western U.S. changes due to jet stream modulations. It's not looking good for next week but I can hope that by next weekend it changes.