Coming Comparisons; New Additions; TeleVue Delos 8mm & 10mm, DGM vs Thousand Oaks OIII, Narrowband Filters Coming.

Well, I've been busy but not so busy as to avoid some product reviews. I just need some time at my dark site with the products to finish my evaluation.  Here is what is new for me. You will have to excuse my favorite reindeer in the background, he is delivering Holiday Astro Cheer!  Now I have the complete Pentax XW line from the 3.5 to the 20mm so why the Delos? For a comparison and since I have two scopes and my son comes home from being in southern Italy for the last 2 years and wants to go observing, I need a set for him to use. I get the Pentax XW line and he gets to use the TeleVue Delos line (or vice versa depending on my mood).

Above: The 8mm & 10mm TeleVue Delos. Nice. 

Above: The 10mm Delos 

The 8mm Delos. 

The coming battle: the 10mm Delos vs. the 10mm Pentax XW. Yes, I admit my bias for the Pentax XW line upfront but this will be a fair contest with my opinion (and remember, it is MY opinion) being shared. 

The top down view of the TeleVue 10mm Delos on the left, and the 10mm Pentax XW on the right. I need to clean the Pentax XW it looks like. 

The Thousand Oaks Filters in 1 1/4. I have what I like in the 2 inch variety but find I do use my 1 1/4 a lot and don't mind switching them out.  Here you have from right to left, the green OIII filter, the blue Narrowband Filter and what is suppose to be the H-Beta filter but instead of saying 1000 Oaks H-Beta on the filter, it says Moon Filter. I have sent an email to Astronomics to see if they will take this filter back and exchange it. I will post more pictures of the lettering down below and it is weird. The lettering on the OIII and Narrowband are in white, the Moon Filter is not colored in. Weird. A mystery to be solved and I wonder if Astronoimics picked the wrong filter or if Thousand Oaks is using an old casing to put their H-Beta in (not a good move on their part as it will confuse many purchasers like me if they have).  

Above: Another shot of all 3 filters. 

Above: The 1000 Oaks Narrowband vs the equivalent DGM Narrowband. I am not one to take others opinions for stuff, and given the time and money, I will confirm their findings myself so I am going to compare the DGM filters to the Thousand Oaks Filters as soon as I can get time under the stars in a new moon period. 

Above: The DGM OIII 1 1/4 filter on the right; the green Thousand Oaks OIII 1 1/4 filter on the left. 

Again, this is suppose to be the Thousand Oaks H-Beta filter and initially it surely looked like this. When I opened the box, took them out, and then quickly put them into my Pelican 1500 Eyepiece case, I thought it was until I actually looked at them today. This one says Moon Filter as you can see below. The first one is the closest image and shows Moon, but blurry.  The second image is the best and you can see the end of the 1000 then Oaks quite clearly and Moon. Same with the last one I am holding. If you look at the image on the bottom, I took that off the Internet and it is what the H-Beta filter by 1000 Oaks should look like. Yep, I think they sent me the wrong filter and I am hopeful that they will clear it up over at Astronomics.  

So those are the two major comparisons I have coming. The Battle of the 10mm Kings and the Filter comparisons.  Now for clear skies to come about . . .

UPDATE TO THE LP-4 H Beta Filter Mystery . . . .

I graciously received a reply from Thousand Oaks (same day turn around, well, about a 6 hour turn around) to my question on the filter above. Here is a copy of the email I received:

"Sorry for the confusion. The moon filter cells were originally gold and re-anodized red for the H-Beta filters and not re-printed. Unfortunately we missed some with the faint image showing through. It’s definitely an H-Beta (red color coded cell) but you are welcome to exchange it for a new cell. We will have a new batch ready just after the first of the year."

So the filter is a H Beta LP-4 filter from Thousand Oaks but I got one they missed! Cool! Unique! No way I am exchanging it, I love novelty. Just good to know though.