A delicately violent celestial shell game

A delicately violent celestial shell game

Another article with that explores nebula bubbles and compares planetary nebula and SNR (Super Nova Remnant). I am (and have been for about a month now) feeling under the weather so though the sky was clear tonight, all I could do was take a nap, grade some school work, and then do somethings on the computer. I visit the doctor next week so hopefully I get some answers. I need to get my pep back. I love my age (45) but sometimes it sucks to realize your not 25 anymore . . . Enjoy the link to Bad Astronomy.

Here is the link to the Chandra info and images on SNR 0509:

Here is the Hubble information:

Here is the Hubble Image:

Now, I think the image from Hubble is fantastic but what I really enjoy is the movie that NASA put together which you can see over at this link.