October 14th, 2010 Observations Uranus

Well tonight I set up, and with my 17 year old daughter we collimated the 14inch and the 20 inch tonight at home. My daughter is like me in that she likes to tinker and has an analytical mind. Unlike me, she is usually high successful with her tinkering. It was nice to have the kids along tonight.

After setup we did some lunar observing and I did four sketches. I'm not going to post them at this time. One is horrible, the other three are okay but need some touch up. Then I'll post all 3. I need more practice at lunar sketching.

After looking at the moon for a good hour and a half I moved to Jupiter and noticed that seeing tonight was poor. I had intended to do a sketch of Jupiter but the seeing was just too poor. So I went up to Uranus which is just up and to the left of Jupiter and I did a simple sketch of Uranus, an Ice Giant. Here is the simple masterpiece. I sketched it so I could have it on file and because I wanted to remember a positive this night. I shouldn't say that but lunar sketching for me is a difficult process though I did realize a couple of things tonight.

Got the intelliscope working tonight so that was a good thing. I should have done some clusters in Perseus that I need for the H-400 but I didn't even think of it until I had torn down. Next time I will get them. Did look at M52 since it had been awhile and that was a pleasant object. I probably should have sketched it. We had a race tonight without any setting circles to see who could star hop quicker, me on the 14 or the teens on the 20. I beat them 7 to 3; they beat me to some open clusters like NGC 457 which they know well and a couple of others up in Cassiopeia. My daughter loves open clusters so that is what she goes for. The kids used the 20" tonight as I wanted them to get use to using it (they are afraid they are going to break a scope until they start using it, then they are fine).

Well, full moon is next week and I am heading off for a much needed vacation.