Findercharts for December and January Targets

Still working on making my list to start the Herschel 400 II and other NGC items in the same constellation. That is going to take a few more weeks. This weekend was one of just constant go. Wednesday I had to snow blow and then I took in one of our cars to get the snow tires put on it. I also ran errands that day. Thursday was Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and I hope that each of you who celebrate it had a wonderful time. Friday was semi clear with clouds increasing so I chose not to go out as we went and saw the new Harry Potter film and did some shopping (disappointed in the film, very much follows the book but that made for a boring experience in some ways). Saturday was Christmas setting up in the house and then time for some tubing (here is a link if you don't know what it is; yes, we do go to Solider Hollow between Christmas and New Years as a tradition, the teens love it but you can go other places if you know where). Anyway, it snowed yet again today and the forecast is not good for the next week. Saturday I may be able to get out and get a session in, I hope.

So here are some of my findercharts from Starry Night Pro for objects that I need to go after. I missed more than I thought so here are some open clusters that hopefully will glow in the night sky, clear and crisp. Simply click on the chart to make it larger or to make it to where you can print it off. Sorry that the XX14i and the 13mm Stratus are labeled, I thought I had taken it off but it came back on, and I don't want to wast the paper to correct it.