For Local Observers or those wanting to travel Wolf Creek Pass August 26th and 27th

Well, a busy week at home and at work with another family member in the hospital this week. They will be released on Friday so that is good news. Anyway, this is for those local or for those who may want to travel but all are welcome!

On August 26th and 27th I and I am sure a group of others will be doing personal observing up at Wolf Creek Pass in the Uintah Mountains about 1.5 hours east of Salt Lake City. I will have the 14 inch scope there and IF your a newbie, not sure if you want to do this amateur astronomy thing or observing, IF you are willing and IF you leave me a comment here I will bring the 10 inch dob I own and I will teach you how to use the Telrad, finderscope, and a star atlas to find some pretty good objects in a Bortle 2 sky. Get there early so I can help you set the scope up and teach you some things in the daylight. If I don't get any replies then I'll simply leave the 10 inch at home. IF you know your coming and are experience but don't have a scope, I'll bring it and you can use it to look to your heart's content.

If you want to go but would prefer to follow someone, if you contact me I can probably arrange to have you meet me and then follow me up. I'll be leaving by 4:00p.m. to 4:30p.m. to get up there and set up before dusk.

Here are some posts about how to get up to Wolf Creek Pass at 9800 feet in elevation.

This link is to an older blog post from a year ago on the directions from the campground with pictures.

Here is a link to the written directions and I'll copy them here. They are from either the Salt Lake or from Utah Valley:

Wolf Creek Summit Star Party Travel Directions


Take I-80 East (past Park City exit) to Exit 148. (Rt. 40 East). Stay to the right on the exit, as it splits. Head East on Rt. 40 to Exit 4. At the bottom of the exit ramp, go left towards Kamas. Follow this road as it winds through the hills to Kamas. In Kamas there is a stop sign at the intersection of this road and Rt. 32. Go right (South) on Rt. 32. Take Rt. 32 several miles to the intersection with Rt. 35 in Francis. See below for directions from Francis.


Go up Provo Canyon either by going East on 8th North in Orem or by taking University Avenue North in Provo. Go past Deer Creek Reservoir and when you get to the stop light in Heber turn Left (North). Go all the way thru Heber. As you approach the Jordanelle Dam there will be a signal light. Turn right at the light and go several miles to Francis.


When you get to Francis there will be a flashing light at the intersection. If you are coming from Provo, go straight (East). If you are coming from Kamas, turn left and go East. In about 3 1/2 miles you will go through a little community called Woodland. Continue on for another 16 miles (+ a little) to the summit of Wolf Creek Pass. You will see a sign for the Wolf Creek campground on your right. Go thru the campground on a dirt road. It is a little rutty at first. Continue on about 2 miles heading south, until you reach a "T" intersection. Turn Left and go past the "Dead End" sign .8 miles. There is a beautiful wide grassy area to the right.

Remember to dress WARMLY! We cannot emphasize this enough. Dress like you want to go night skiing and you might be comfortable. Hats, gloves, and warm boots are smart year-round. Keep in mind that you can always leave extra stuff in the car, but if you don't have enough layers, you'll be sorry!

Please use good star party etiquette; dim headlights if arriving after dark, and be sure to bring red lights for wandering between scopes, etc. so you don't spoil dark-adapted eyes.

Here is a link to a map in case your more visual.

Hope to see some of you up there!