A Cello for Eli Potash

I'll admit up front, it your looking for something on Astronomy from this post, you may be disappointed. What you will find is a man, who has a passion, a passion for music and for the cello. His name is Eli Potash and he plays his cello most nights in Salt Lake City at the Broadway Theater. Because he plays on the street, he has been robbed, bullied, beat up and had altercations with those trying to harm him. He plays and plays mainly Renaissance and Baroque pieces for anyone and all, for the masses as he calls it. He plays for individuals, couples, families, Mormon families as he calls them, and just about anyone who will listen. His goal is to make a living playing music and to educate the masses. If your ever in Salt Lake City, take the time to see him one evening and to just enjoy him for some time. I said it isn't about astronomy, but Mr. Potash's efforts remind me of the need for outreach and for sidewalk astronomy by those who have a passion for the night sky.

To learn some more about him you can go to these links which are over on YouTube.

Link 1

Link 2

Now to the Christmas/Holiday message. A group known as the Daniel Day Trio that are located here in Salt Lake City and now Eli Potash, and as you'll see in the video, play with him from time to time, play Silent Night with him. Then as a thank you for all he does to educate the public and as a Christmas Present, they present him with a member's refurbished cello with a nice case that is lighter for him to carry when in public. I felt touch and moved in observing this. I know some may say the group had ulterior motives (publicity) but I don't think so. The gift was given by those who know him out of love and it made a impression on the receiptant. I think if we were all this way, more often with each other, the world indeed would be a better place. Happy Holidays. Hopefully my skies clear soon!

Eli Potash Receives a Gift