Observing at FR006 Site 1 south of Vernon Tonight

Well, the clouds look dominating right now, but the forecast is for clearing and for a mostly clear evening so I am going to head out to FR006 tonight to the first site (see my older post below for the location). Your welcome to come and join me if you want to risk it. I figure nothing risked means no reward and in the worst case, I simply have a nice ride out to a wonderful site this afternoon. I'm leaving around 3:00p.m. to give me plenty of time to set up. The weather here turns nasty after today though I do hope next Friday or Saturday is clear again (and I hope it clears tonight as all the weather places are saying).

In case you've forgotten and want some visuals. See a map and go south on Hwy 36. Just pass Vernon the road curves to the left and you see this sign:

There is a nice dirt road to the right and you need to turn on it (there is a paved one next to it, don't go on that one). Now drive onto the dirt road and proceed to drive down the dirt graded road, over 5 cattle guards for 5.0 miles. At the end of the road you'll come to this sign.

Turn right here toward Bennion Creek and Harker Creek and drive for 0.5 or 1/2 mile to Forest Road 006. It will be on your left and when you turn, you'll see this (yes, turn left at Forest Road 006).

It will look like this and there is another dirt road to your left, turn onto that dirt road which is FR006.

The marker just says 006 with FR on the bottom. You will now drive 0.9 or nine tenths of a mile down Forest Road 006 and on the left you'll spot a turn out with a bunch of juniper trees there. To the east just beyond the trees is a very old cattle trough and that area is wide open. This is the observing site. Pretty easy to get to and cars and mini-vans can handle this just fine. So even if you don't have a scope, come on out and enjoy a very dark sky with us!

Above it what it looks like from 006FR and below is what it will look like if you pull in past these juniper trees.