Test of Audio of Observation

This is a test to see if the audio observation of NGC 6517 can make it on here.

Edit: Ok, this method works. I had to create a movie using the same picture and then attach the video file to it. I think moving forward what I am going to do is put in the original sketch, then do a digital sketch of the original and put that in with the audio from the observation.

In listening forgive my pronunciation of Ophiuchus and realize in this observation I am still getting use to using the digital recorder. Not sure if I like hearing myself and such but would welcome comments on whether anyone finds this type of observation useful? I may just list some basics from the observation and then post the audio as I have done here. Or should I keep both? I do think it gives a different way of doing an observation but not sure if I'll keep it. We'll see. Then again, there are some expert observers that I will never observe with that I would LOVE to hear their observation of some objects.

WARNING; READ BEFORE CLICKING TO LISTEN: I have read though that since I used a Quicktime format this could crash your browser so beware. If it does please leave a comment so I know and can look at a couple of other methods. One is to post a link to Box.Com where I store the audio and then one can click on it and download the link. I like this method because there is nothing to download and no need to worry about a virus (which I use a MacBook Pro so they are rare).