Animation of Kepler Catching Massive Star Shock Wave or Shock Breakout

This is over a year old, and I am sure some will have seen it. As you know, I love supernova and am fascinated by the end of a massive star's existence when it goes supernova. Back in March 2016, NASA Ames published an article LINK sharing that Kepler had captured two shock break outs from two massive stars. " By closely monitoring the star KSN 2011d, located 1.2 billion light-years away, Kepler caught the onset of the early flash and subsequent explosion." KSN 2011d, is roughly 500 times the size of our sun and around 1.2 billion light years away. This means this was a Type II Supernova Event.  I love this animation and thought some might like viewing it and then reading about it. If you have a chance to observe SN 2017eaw in NGC 6946 you could imagine in your mind a star going supernova similar to this animation.