Andromeda: born out of a massive collision?

Andromeda: born out of a massive collision?

A study that shows that M 31 was created by a merger with another spiral galaxy. Link shows a model and allows you to explore. A second part of the study shows tha Magellanic galaxies may have formed from the tidal tail that was created when the galaxies were merging six billion years ago. I thought this is a very interesting study and was glad to find it. Enjoy! By the way, can you tell I'm under cloudy and snowy skies?

New Observing List Coming

Well, I'm finding that I am starting to wind down on the Herschel 400, well at least until April when the spring objects come back. I'll probably try to nab some come February as they rise late in the night.

So I posted over at CloudyNights about starting the Herschel II list and got some really good feedback. I have decided to do the Herschel II list but to supplement it with NGC items that are not on either the Herschel 400 or II list and to supplement my planetary nebula viewing with some Abell viewing. I am going to work on a list this week so that come new moon in December, I am ready to observe. I'll be going by constellation and listing my objects that way. So by this weekend I'll have a new list up with findercharts in case anyone is interested.

Other than that, it is just snow, snow, and more snow here. Nothing much to do. Work is fine, family life is fine so hopefully things just stay that way. Here's hoping you have some clear skies where you are. Happy Thanksgiving!