XX14i, Messier's and . . .

Well, I think with Ken's help I got the XX14i working finally. The secondary was loose because the primary mirror lock screws were not engaging. I backed them off a little and then began to tighten the collimation knobs until the primary mirror lock screws engaged. No more mirror movement and no more sounds like it is banging when I picked it.

Last night after spending some time collimating it . . . I have a nasty habit of taking a new scope and really messing up the collimation and then collimating it. It teaches me something about the scope and gets me engaged with it. I don't recommend it but it does work for me. Last night I started with the Lagoon, went up to the Trifed, then up to Omega or the Swan Nebula and up to the Wild Duck OC, and finally M13. I tried for some H-400 but the demands of home and the scope have worn me out and I think from being tired, eye fatigue and such I packed it in. The shaking I experience went away and collimation held this night. The Ring Nebula was a little out of focus so today I backed off the tension of the mirror clips to allow a business card access. M-27 looked good though so it could have been me.

Here are some pictures. When you look to my yard it is brown in parts, I moved in here about 2 weeks ago and haven't had time to do everything. Today I thrashed the yard (pulling up the dead grass underneath so more water can get down to the roots) so that should help. I like a nice looking yard and enjoy working in it. There is something therapeutic about nature and working in it. Probably why I first became educated to be a wildlife biologist/Forrester. Still love hiking in the mountains but am getting to the point where I won't go as often alone. Luckily my daughter loves to hike so it gives a good time for us to get to spend time together.

Anyway, pictures with the shroud of the XX14i. I will get back to sketching over the next couple of days and to the H 400. Just need to work this scope out.