Survey on Amateur Astronomy

     I have just spent three marvelous days out in the West Desert of Utah, in incredible fall skies observing with my 17.5" dob.  More to come on that next week when I return from a vacation with my wife (combined with a family funeral of my uncle, my Dad's brother).  Anyway, I made a SurveyMonkey Survey that I thought would be interesting to collect data.  Feel free to take it and to share it with others who may have an interest. I will share the results with all. Nothing is implied but I am trying to gauge the commitment to the hobby and how serious people are with it and what interests people who read the blog have in astronomy. Here is the LINK:

IF you want to see the results here is that LINK.  One survey taken, I'll do mine later.

Survey Results URL:

And some teasing pictures of my trip!  Tonight is gorgeous and I wish, I REALLY wish I had one more night out there! One thing I realized this trip, I am a little rusty after 2 1/2 years of when I was pursuing that advance degree of mine!

17.5" Dob: Set up, cooling, aligned, all ready to go! Notice the earth's shadow in the background to the right and right center in the sky as the Belt of Venus comes out! 

Here is my friend Alan looking over the 17.5"  Alan is a terrific observing companion and friend. 

17.5" Dob, Ready to go! 

Magic Time! I love this time of the evening/twilight.