Last of my Star Hops for my next Session

Well, here they are. The last of the Star Hops for my next session. Not sure if anyone wants to see them but I'll put them up anyway. There are what look to be some decent galaxies depending on their size, and NGC 1535 I have seen before and it is one of my favorite planetary nebula. Again clicking on the map should enlarge it for you.

1. NGC 1407 Galaxy in Eridanus. Telrad to Tau5 Eridani and then star hop over to HIP 17010. Next star hop to star HIP17170 and then up to HIP 17071. Now go northwest and you should run into it.

Also, you may want to try and sneak a peek at IC 1953, a galaxy that is pretty close to Tau5Eridani. Also, NGC 1400 is right next to NGC 1407.

2. NGC 1232:

Next is the galaxy NGC 1232 in Eridanus. Go to Tau3 Eridani and then if you want go up to the northwest and you should see IC 1187; continue and go to star HIP14186 and then continue up to the star HIP14249. Now hop to star HIP 14498 and then to the southwest to star HIP14732 and the galaxy should be to the east of that star.

3. NGC 1535 Planetary Nebula in Eridanus

Begin by getting the Telrad on Zaurak and then star hop west to star HIP19011. Next go to the southwest to star HIP 19438 and then west to southwest to star HIP19711. Now go south to southeast is NGC 1535.

4. NGC 908 Galaxy in Eridanus

Telrad to Tau1 Eridani and then go southeast to star HIP 12698. Now hop almost east with a slight southeast tinge to star HIP12170. Go northeast to star HIP11907 and then southeast to star HIP 11586. Now go east to star HIP 11323. Finally go northeast to NGC 908.

5. NGC 1022 Galaxy in Cetus

Telrad to Delta Ceti and then star hop west to HIP 12555 then go south to NGC 1055.

6. NGC 936 Galaxy in Cetus

Telrad to 70Ceti and then star hop south to the star TYC 4691-400-1. Next go southwest to star TYC-4691-642-1. Now head west again to star TYC-4691-631-1 and then southwest to star TYC 4691-475-1. Now go west to northwest to star HIP11334 and then southwest to HIP11425 and finally to star TYC-4691-679-1. NGC 936 should be just south of the last star.

7. NGC 1022 Galaxy in Cetus

Telrad to Azha in Eridanus and then go northeast to RR Eridani. Now hop to star HIP12947 and then continuing on that same path (northeast basically) hop to star HIP12754 which is to the north northwest. Go north to HIP12746 and then north again to star HIP12699. NGC 1022 is a star hop to the west northwest.

7. and 8. These two are close to each other so I include them on paper. Begin by using the Telrad to go to Azha. Now star hop northeast to star RR Eridani (similar to the last hop). Go in the same direction to star HIP 12947 and the same direction to star HIP12754. If you went to NGC 1022 then go back HIP12754. To go to NGC 1084 Simply star hop to the northwest to west to it. For NGC 1052 go to star TYC-5285-592-1. From there go northeast to NGC 1052. Also check out NGC 1042 that is next to NGC 1052.

Well, that is the last of them. Some may wonder why I am doing my own hops when O'Meara has hops in his book and I've been using his book as a guide. Well, I'm still evaluating the book to be quite honest and I find that his large hops to the specific area are lacking. So I think I am going to publish very general hops with a better map (perhaps, probably not, but we'll see) and see if the maps I publish here and the specific hops O'Meara has get people there better. One of my personal goals with the H-400 (and it is not required by the Astronomical League for the award) is to have star hopped to all of the items in the H400. So far I have done that. So anyway, here are my general maps. Hopefully they help someone. I'll follow up when after my next outing I can use them.