Sh2-091 Observing; Planetary Nebula to Observe by Season; SNR and Planetary Nebula

I have had two awesome nights this week and I am heading back out later tonight for one more night! Since I woke up at my normal time though that will mean a nap before loading and heading out early to make sure I get my observing site since I'll have to compete with campers/Rv/ATVers.

So I will be making reports and sharing my sketches next week but I wanted to take a moment and share a couple of objects that often get overlooked by all the "eye candy" objects of summer.

My first one is sh2-091 a SNR in Cygnus just up from Alberio.  I've observed it with my 14" scope and sketched it, now I will be doing it using my 30mm 82 degree Explore Scientific eyepiece with a 2" OIII filter.  I'll report that observation after I do it hopefully tonight. Adventures in Deep Space has a wonderful article about it located at this link.  The site shares several observations of the object and where it is located. In August, 2014, Sky & Telescope ran an article on sh2-091 located at this link.  On his outstanding site, Reiner Vogel has a Sharpless Catalog you can download and on pages 115-116 it has a finderchart and information regarding this object.  The catalog is found at this link.  If your looking for some challenging objects in a mid to large size scope, that catalog is a fun one to do. So take the challenge and see if you can identify sh2-091 and perhaps some of its components this summer realizing these are the remains of a massive star that blew up around 30,000 years ago!  This explosion still is sending out material in the medium of space around it and is around 228 light years in size now.  Much younger than Veil Nebula or Cygnus Loop SNR farther up in Cygnus which is estimated at 5000 to 8000 years old.

Here are a few of my links on SH 2-091. ALL links go to my GDrive on my Google Account and by having the link you can download it form my holding.

Finder Chart LINK

Finder Chart for the entire parts of Sh 2-091 from the link from Adventures in Deep Space (credit given though I do not have the actual name of the individual here):  LINK

Another treat I thought I would share are a few resources on observing Planetary Nebula. had a wonderful page for planetary nebula that I can no longer find. It separated the PN's into best by season. Then a couple of years ago I found an online source with charts for this that I can no longer find. I did save them and so I will offer then as links here. They are to my Google Drive and thus you will have to download them but if you enjoy observing PN's this is a fun activity to do.  I will also include Alvin Huey's link to his catalog on PN's. Another great work by Alvin!

Summer Planetary Nebula List LINK (large file takes time).

Fall Planetary Nebula List:  LINK 

Winter Planetary Nebula List:  LINK

Spring Planetary Nebula List:  LINK

Those are an excellent source and if someone knows the name of the person who created them, let me know so I can provide credit and if a link still exists, please let me know so I can link others to it.

Alvin Huey's Planetary Nebula and Supernova Remnant: LINK    Please not this goes to the PDF file on his site.

Oh, one more thing. Here is a link to a Free Book on my Google Chrome on Supernova. Feel free to look through it. Supernova are one of the most fascinating things to me in the night sky as our solar system, our sun and its planets, the iron in our blood, the calcium in our bones, the iron in the frying pan or car we drive,  the oxygen we breath all come from elements made in the core of stars that have exploded!

Supernova Book LINK.