Downsizing my Eyepiece Collection

With the selling of some of my larger equipment, I've decided I have far too many eyepieces so I am going to sell some off.  Here is what I have. If your interested, comment with email and I'll reply via an email.  I don't use PayPal so if your outside of the Salt Lake City area you'll need to make arrangements to pay by USPS Money Order or Cashier's Check.  I ship when I receive the money. Would prefer to sell local.  You pay price and shipping.

I am selling my Delos eyepieces (keeping my beloved Pentax XW's).  I have the 17.3mm, 12mm, 10mm and 8mm for sale in their original boxes and plastic (no plastic on the 17.3) and each is $250.00 plus shipping.

Above is the 8mm that has been used I believe only once.  Great shape.  Great buy.

Above is the 17.3mm Delos for sale for $250.00.  Again, I have used it a few times, less than 10 and it is in great shape.

This one I am having a hard time letting go. It is the 12mm Delos and I have used it around 15 times or so. Love the views in this and the magnification.  $250.00 plus shipping.

My 10mm Delos that I have used about as much as the 12mm Delos above. Great shape, great eyepiece. $250.00 plus shipping

Above is my 24mm Explore Scientific 82 degrees eyepiece. I have owned it for several years and only used it about 6 times, mainly loaning it to a friend. His focuser did put a couple of minor scratches on the barrel.  Cost is $200.00 plus shipping. I prefer my 22mm T4 Nagler.

Last eyepiece. Explore Scientific 30mm N2 purse eyepiece with 82 degree FOV.  I have owned this for several years now and love the eyepiece but find I use either my 26mm Nagler, my 31mm Nagler or my 35mm Panoptic now. I have used it for viewing the Veil and it is outstanding.  Filters fit hard on it and some paint has come off the inside of the area where the filter screws in.  Price is $200 plus shipping.

The Night Sky Observer's Guide Volume 4 with PDF of Corrected Table of Contents Attached

I received this wonderful edition to The Night Sky Observer's Guide series, this being volume 4. It covers down to -54 degrees and is on sale through the end of April at Willmann-Bell LINK for $29.95 plus shipping.  For the cost, the book is wonderful, though many of the objects appear in the other 3 volumes.  George Robert Kepple states:

"I ended up with notes on 1,008 new objects and re-observed 801 others that had been covered in Volumes 1 and 2 of the Night Sky Observer’s Guide and added many new eyepiece impressions and photos."
 So this 500 page volume adds over 1088 new objects including all of Barnard's Dark Nebula in one volume..  I find the book very similar in format and layout to the other 3 volumes of the series, and have enjoyed reading his observations, viewing his sketches and photographs and will use it in planning some of my summer observing trips.

One issue in my first edition is that the Table of Contents is off.  The page numbers versus. the actual chapters don't match. They're fine until Cepheus, then the pages get slightly from there with Lupus being 4 pages off. After Lepus the pages improve slightly towards the end of the book asVulpecula is only 2 pages off.

I( wrote to Willmann-Bell asking for permission to include the corrected Table of Contents insert I received as an insert in my copy, and haven't heard back.  However, under Fair Use I am going to upload and share them here as PDF's in case someone wants to download them.

These links are to my Google Drive and you they are public on the web so you should be able to download them.

Page 1 Table of Contents Corrected LINK

Page 2 Table of Contents Corrected LINK

Hopefully that helps those needing the PDF for those two pages. Mine are front and back so you'll have to download the PDF's and then make a 2 sided copy.  I do highly recommend the book though.