NGC 2467 and NGC 2261 Hubble Variable Nebula

Well, I am feeling much better today and ready to observe having recovered from a bad respiratory virus and having been glutened at worked last week twice. Sometimes I hate have Celiac disease but that is for another blog. I still have a little bit of recovering there before the system has reset completely but that is happening soon. So I should be ready to go but where I live in Utah is horrible for pollution right now. Good news a storm is coming in to mix up the air which is good. Bad news, I won't have clear skies until Christmas night but I should be able to get out as my in-laws are coming and my wife will welcome the opportunity for me to go observing, besides being very understandable of it.

So I thought I would post a couple more observations from last February 2009. I am not going to post my

NGC 2467 Emission Nebula
February 20, 2009; 3:10 UT
Herriman UT
XT 8
92x using 13mm Stratus
Seeing 8/10
Trans: 4/5

I found this while looking for NGC 2452, a planetary nebula in Puppis. The notes are vague stating I started at Asmidiskie and went down to Omicron Puppis and then diagonally down to the left from there. I had my Orion NB Ultrablock filter in trying to ID the planetary when off in the eyepiece I noticed this nebula. I would not have detected this without the filter being in. There is a central white star that seems to be lighting up this object. I have to keep my eye patch on while writing and sketching or I lose some of the brilliance of this object. The object is gray with some white or brighter regions to the southeast. It spreads out more to the southeast and is larger there.
There is an asterism of a triangle made by 3 bright stars that point at NGC 2467. The star that makes up the point seems to have some nebulosity around it also (I did not include that in the digital sketch). Averted vision brings out more of a white color and much more of the size of this emission nebula. I found this to be a very interesting object and look forward to learning more about it. The nebula is diffused and has an irregular shape in the eyepiece.

Below you can see the digital sketch, the sketch I made at the eyepiece. I did not include the rough sketch from my notes, but probably should.

NGC 2461 Hubble Variable Nebula
Febuary 1st, 2009
3:47 UT
Constellation: Moncereos
13mm Stratus @ 92x
Orion Ultrablock NB Filter
Seeing 7/10
Trans: 4/5

A nice jump for a nice looking object. Went to 15 Mon (the bright star in teh Christmas Tree cluster) and go past HIP 31955 on the left in a reflector. Now pass the two stars that are together, one being HIP 31955. Jumpt pass TYC750-1749-1 to HIP 31996. With dark adapted eyes find two sets of two stars that form a box next along three stars spread out to three stars that are tightly together. From the bottom of that asterism go across to a bright star and then go diagonally and before the next star you are there. It is critical to have dark adapted eyes on this object. Wonderful object to view. The fan is slight at first, but then with averted vision the shape of the fan expands, making it look comet like at 92x. Nebula is triangular shaped with the part by the top star brighter than the bottom of the fan.