New Eyepiece 27mm Panoptic

Well, I took advantage of the Televue sale and I went for the 27mm Panoptic. It arrived today at the house in wonderful condition. The first thing I can say about this eyepiece is that it is heavy. It seems to weigh a lot more than my Pentax XW eyepieces and is probably the heaviest eyepiece in the set. Next, the eyepiece itself arrived in pristine condition and now I just need the weather to stay clear for several days so I can try it out. My purpose in purchasing this eyepiece is that I like the eye relief it offers and I really feel it will serve its purpose as a wide field and finder eyepiece. I had the 24mm and though I really enjoyed it, when observing with my glasses I find that I needed just a tad more eye relief, and thus the 27mm. This was confirmed in a conversation on the phone with someone who answered my call at Astronomics.

Here are a couple of images of the 27 Panoptic compared to other eyepieces. Going from left to right you have:

32mm Sirius Plossl; Pentax XW 10mm; Panoptic 27mm; 21mm Orion Stratus; 25mm Sirius Plossl.

So now it comes to decision time. I have the eyepieces I feel for now, that I want in the 5mm, 7mm, 10mm and 14mm Pentax XW; the 27mm Panoptic. Do I keep the Status eyepieces, the 13mm, 17mm, 21mm, and the 5mm Hyperion or do I see them? I have the Stratus EP's for sale locally but I haven't tried to unload them. Part of me says sell them and then perhaps pick up the 19mm Panoptic or the 20mm Pentax XW (IF I can still find one around and yes, I know about the field curvature). Thoughts anyone? I know which way I am leaning right now.

I'll give a full review when I have the opportunity to use it. For now I am moving my premium EP's to their own eyepiece case and the keep the Plossls and the Stratus/Hyperion in their own case.