Update on Site . . .

I wrote last summer about my plans for this blog. I plan on keeping this blog open and going and putting a record of my observations and hints and tips on here. I have made a new site that I am testing out called InstellarSketching which I plan to use to deposit copies of my sketches there, and post on my sketching projects of which I have 3 going on. On is the H-400 and H-400 II (as weather allows); another will be a section on my 20" sketches and finally my last is a project I started last summer where I am using either the 10" or the 14" Orion dobs (same dob for each object) and I am sketching the target object in my backyard which is an orange zone and/or at two other sites which are gray. The purpose will be to note the detail difference I see in the objects between the two zones while also providing a SQM reading at the site while observing and sketching. As soon as I have the other site up and running I will post it here. Well, its up but so far I don't have too many sketches there. Going out tonight in the backyard to chase down some open clusters.