Update on Current Status; Posts coming

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I haven't had time lately to publish any of the material that I have because I have been really sick. About two weeks ago, right after the mirror test, I started coughing and that cough became very hard and deep quickly. By that Friday I was coughing up blood and had pneumonia. I have been on two antibiotics for it, and finally, the cough has left, I am able to sleep and things are returning to "normal." I am still very tired so no observing of late. The weather isn't normal for late May here in northern Utah. Cloudy, cool and lots of rain. Flooding is something that could become common place when the weather warms up. I am hoping to get out next week for a couple of nights of great observing.

I have a review of the Herschel book that Cambridge put out, and a review of a couple of other Atlases that I have received. I have some more apps to review and to update some of the ones I've done. So hopefully, as I feel rested this weekend, and am thinking a little more clear, I'll make some posts. Keep looking up and equally important, share the views.