Bye Bye Old Card Folding Table Hello It's Replacment

Today is my birthday so as we were out and about, my wife and I were looking at some beach chairs to take  on our trip to California in June to the beach to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  Well at Sam's club after the chairs were loaded I noticed a folding Sport's Even Table/Lawn Furniture.  I have wanted to replace the old green card table I've been using in the field for something more compact to save on space while loading. Doh! I had never considered a folding Sport Event Table. Here is the label.  What I really like about it is that it folds up and goes into a bag like a folding chair you sit on while camping or at a sports event.

Below you can see it on the green folding table (forgive my garage. It was clean until we have to move my mother-in-law to long term care recently. Now we have her hospital bed and other items in garage until we have a garage sale come May or June).  Here I have pulled the table and the bag out about half way.

In this image you can see the folding table is out of the bag, the bad is in the background and I am ready to unfold the table. The yellow stickers tell you which leg to pull out first, and then second. It will go back in the opposite of who it folds out.

Here you can see the table folded out, one set of legs first which are the ones on the right, the left ones folded out second.  The legs snap into place with a metal push button that you can see below.

Below you can see the close up of a couple of features I feel I can use. The cup holders will of course, hold a cup or a water bottle, but I have cup holders that are solid and fit perfectly into these. I can then use them to put the three or four eyepieces I am using until I need them.  I like that notion.  I also LOVE that the table has pockets on the side.  Notice the large zipper pocket. Can I say sketching materials storage! I can place my zip lock bags that hold my pastel chalks, the bag that holds my white pencils and pens and eraser and other items, and my brushes.  I can't wait! The other I can use to store an extra red flashlight or other materials I use frequently.  This means keeping the table top clear of all these items.

 In this next picture you can get a feel for how high this table is. It is about a 1/2 inch shorter than my old folding green card table.  The actual measurements for this table when opened is 42.4"L x 27.4"W x 27.4"H.

Here you can see the top of the table here, folded out and the main area you can use for putting stuff on it.  I think it is longer than my card table but maybe just a tad not as wide.

In this shot you can see that I have put out my Sky Atlas 2000.00 and fully opened it.  It fits easily on the table though I have it sitting off of it.

 Here I have folded the Sky Atlas 2000 in half and laid it on the table. Now it REALLY fits perfectly!  Since I use printed charts from my Megastar or Starry Night Pro and I place them in clear sheet protectors and then in a binder, my binder will open up just great on this table! I am very excited with this. Now some may ask what about sketching. I never sketch on my table. I have an artist clipboard I use at the eyepiece.  I will store items though on the table though.

Here is the Sky Atlas on the table so you can see how it fits.

One more shot of the atlas on the table from a little higher up.

Here you can see where the table folds down and locks on a push button.  It locks the table in place and when ready to take the table down, you push the buttons in and push down, starting on the first side, then the second side until the table is folded.  Works like a charm!

Here is a better view of the side pockets.  The center on will zip up while the other two just hold whatever you want to put in them.

Here I have released this pin/button by pushing it in and moving the leg down. Notice that the pin/button now sticks out pretty good.

Here you can see me folding up the chair.  It folds together easily.

It took me about 5 minutes today to get the table in the bag. I am sure as I get more comfortable it will go faster.

Now that its back in the bag, with its shoulder strap, I put it where I can get it when I get to go observing next if the weather improves for new moon. Total cost at Sam's Club was $29.95 at Sam's Club.  I am VERY excited about the space savings of this table over the other tables I have used.  A bonus is since its made of durable fabric top dew shouldn't be an issue as it has been on the card table.  So if your looking for a rather inexpensive table that folds up to save storage in the car, check out this folding table that I found at Sam's Club. The table comes in blue or red. I choose red, I just liked it better.