NASA SOFIA, Not Air Force One, but it is COOL! Plus Top 10 Star Mysteries.

Well after linking together the information Rob put together on transparency and telescopes on mountain tops, I felt this was a good time since its raining and no observing here on the ground at 5000 feet is going to happen, to introduce some of you to NASA's new 747 airplane, SOFIA or Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. This isn't Air Force One, but it is EXTREMELY cool if your into astronomy. Here is a link that shows parts of the plane off from the BBC today. IF you want to see more NASA movies then click on this link and view away as SOFIA goes through its test flights. Rather cool I think to watch that modified door on a 747 open and close. Here is NASA's SOFIA homepage. Just think what astronomers will discover when they are able to use this infrared telescope up above all the muck of the lower atmosphere! I look forward to seeing their mission updates and hope you will also.

Want something fun to review when those weather forecasters get the forecast wrong and nothing but a thick layer of clouds has rolled in and won't go away? Here it is, The Top Ten Star Mysteries over at Some you might know, however, bet there might be one or two that are new to most of us! Enjoy and may the clear skies come back to you!

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